October 2016

Dear Michal,

I wanted to thank you for your inspiring shiur on Simchat Torah.  It was just what the “spiritual doctor”  ordered during a time when I needed to step away from the demands of the kitchen and endless meals.

I appreciated the stimulation and the chizuk and I enjoyed reviewing the Gemara in Sotah 14a (thanks for the citation!) on my own later in the day. 

May you continue to use your special gifts and inspire many, many women to intensify their relationship with Hakadosh Baruch Hu…

Kol tuv,

Helen Spirn

Mrs. Helen Spirn

Head of School


Dear Michal: I sincerely feel you have so much to give, with both chochma (wisdom) and ahava (love).  Every time I hear you speak, to audiences of varied ages, I find that you have something insightful, interesting and relevant to say.  You ground your insights in a wide array of Torah sources and Rabbinic literature.  In addition, you are a pleasure to listen to.  You use time wisely and deliver your important messages humbly, warmly, wisely and directly.  Your devarim hayotzim min halev nichnasim el halev!
Kol tuv, Rebetzin Rookie Billet.
Rebetzin, Young Israel Woodmere, Woodmere, N.Y.

Michal Horowitz’s shiurim are well prepared and motivate her audience. Whether discussing themes in the Parsha, an upcoming Yom Yov or Tefilah, Michal blends Torah sources together with modern day applications. Michal is an inspirational speaker who we can all learn so much from.
Mrs. Elisheva Kaminetsky, Director of Religious Guidance, SKA High School for Girls, Hewlett, N.Y.

Dear Mrs. Horowitz,
On behalf of all the women who attended your shiur on Simchas Torah, we would like to express our hakaras ha’tov for an uplifting and inspiring shiur.  Everyone spoke highly of your knowledge and the stimulating shiur.  We look forward to many more opportunities to have the women of our kehila benefit from your erudition and chochmas ha’Torah.

Thank you for coming and kol tuv,

President and Chairman of the Board
Congregation Shaaray Tefila, Lawrence, N.Y.

Now that camp has officially come to a close, I wanted to thank you again for joining us for Shabbos this summer and inspiring our staff and campers. People are still raving about your staff lecture! It was a pleasure having you and your family with us for the weekend.
Jeremy Joszef, Director, Camp Morasha

Dear Michal,

This letter is long overdue.  On behalf of The Nautilus Hotel and all our residents, I thank you for the wonderful shiurim you deliver each week. Our residents look forward to Wednesday afternoons so much! Your shiurim provide them with the Torah they yearn for and need.  Out of all our programs, you draw the biggest crowd of residents and your weekly shiur is our most popular “activity” on the schedule. Thank you for adding so much to their lives.


 Shira Friedman, LMSW


The New Nautilus Hotel, Atlantic Beach, NY

Dear Michal, Thank you for continuing to inspire our seniors and proving that you are never too old to learn and grow in Torah knowledge.  Regardless of snow, ice or bad weather, the women love to come and learn!  Please keep it up.  Thank you for inspiring young and old.

Harriet Blank,  Director Geriatric services , Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services