My name is Michal Horowitz and I live on Long Island, N.Y., with my family. I teach regularly scheduled classes, as well as present guest lectures, on various topics related to Torah, Judaism, Jewish thought, and inspiration.

I received my education from: Bais Yaakov High School, Toronto, Canada; Michlalah College for Women, Jerusalem, Israel (1994-95); York University, Toronto, Canada (1995-96); Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, N.Y., Bachelor of Science; Brooklyn College, Master’s Degree in Audiology (June 2003).


After graduating with my master’s degree, I took some time off to be at home with my children.  “Some time” turned into a few years.  I soon learned how life experiences can change a person.  While on my own personal journeys, I decided to try something different.  


My life has been changed immeasurably from the study of Torah, teaching classes, and giving shiurim.  My goal is to bring the beauty, inspiration, and depth of Torah to others as well, no matter their age, affiliation, or prior Torah background. 


Life can be beautiful, turbulent, joyous, and painful.  As complex as life is, it is the teachings and wisdom of the Torah that helps to guide us along the way.


I invite you to join me on this journey as together we learn from the past to shape our future. 

I look forward to learning with you,
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