Hunting Eichmann, by Neil Bascomb, is the story of the notorious Nazi, war criminal, despicable beyond all words, infamous Adolf Eichmann, the implementor of the “Final Solution.”  In the chaos of post war Europe, Eichmann manages to evades capture time and again.  Eventually settling in Argentina, he rebuilds what he believes will be an anonymous, quiet, secretive life.   

When his identity is discovered by a pair of Jewish locals and the news is passed on to Israel, a daring mission to capture Eichmann, and bring him to trial in the Jewish state, is undertaken. 

This is the story of one evil man, who is hunted down by the very people whose families he led to death. 

The book is written in a riveting, easy-to-read, fascinating and informative style.  Utilizing newly declassified information, the book is a page turner that will have your heart pounding (even though the end is well known!) and reads like a thriller.

A must read, Hunting Eichmann should be at the top of your list of Books to Read.