This fascinating book, written by Seth M. Siegel, sheds light onto the very miracle of Israel’s continued survival in what was once a desert wasteland.  From an arid, dry, and sandy land, Israel has, quite literally, made the desert bloom. 

With innovation, science, hard work, dedication to the Land, belief in the miracle that is Israel, and ingenuity, Israel has found water in the most unlikely of sources. 

The book details the different methods that Israel uses to obtain clean, fresh and safe water that flows through the entire county.  In fact, Israel has been so successful, that she now enjoys a surplus of water.

The second half of the book demonstrates how Israel has shared her success and methods with many other countries around the globe, bringing the miracle of water to so many others.  This is especially vital, as the world faces a looming water-shortage crisis in so many regions. 

A compelling and inspiring read that reminds us of our dedication to the Land and our ability to find life in the desert when so many others before us could not.

Perhaps, as well, the miracle of water in Israel reminds us that the Land remains faithful to us, and she will yield to us, her people, as she will to no other nation on earth (see Rashi to Vayikra 26:32).