A Tzaddik in Our Time, by Simcha Raz (Feldheim), is the story of the saintly, pious, selfless, compassionate, angelic rabbi of Jerusalem, R’ Aryeh Levin (1885-1969).  R’ Aryeh Levin is most famously known as the “Father of the Prisoners,” for the support, camaraderie, prayers and faith he gave the Jewish prisoners imprisoned under the rule of the British in pre-state Palestine. 

Never missing one Shabbos of visiting the prisoners, R’ Aryeh walked in every weather – from boiling heat to pouring rain to the cold Jerusalem winters – to visit his brothers and sisters behind (British) bars.

In his non-judgmental and loving way, he gave every prisoner – and their families – hope for salvation and redemption.

This book details his personality, his life, his dedication to every Jew, and his love of the land.  A Tzaddik in Our Time is a beautiful, inspiring, and important read for all ages.