Angels in the Sky, by Robert Gandt, is the fascinating, moving, compelling, astonishing, triumphant story of a band of volunteer air men from other countries (Britain, Canada, USA) – mostly Jewish, but some not – who saved the newly formed, and newly attacked State of Israel, when independence was declared in May 1948.

Smuggling airplanes, supplies, and men to the newborn state was a daring, dangerous and risky operation, which saw both the loss of precious planes (when there were far too few to begin with), as well as the tragic loss of lives. 

In a story that can only be described as miraculous, a country with a handful (literally) of planes, and a few oft-times ill trained men (some had never flown fighter jets before!), emerged victorious against the invading, neighboring Arab states, who, collectively had hundreds of planes and men to fly them.

This incredible story, so foundational to the founding of the State of Israel, is an eye-opening and inspiring must read.

Note: The book contains a mere spattering/handful of curse words throughout the entire book. Please be aware of this before you choose to read the book.  There are no inappropriate scenes (only two vague references, with nothing explicit at all).