Gertruda’s Oath tells the story of a wealthy Jewish family – Jacob, Lydia and their young son, Michael – and their Polish Catholic nanny, Gertruda, caught in the death web of Nazi occupied Europe.

The book, filled with page turning suspense, takes us on a painful, tragic, heroic, moving and inspiring journey – from Poland to Vilna, from Vilna to Russia, from Poland to France, from France to Italy… From Germany to what was then Palestine. 

Along the way we meet compassionate SS Officer Karl Rink; devoted and dedicated Dr. Berman, who helps others even as his own life is on the line; a kind priest who is willing to hide Jewish children in his church; and many other characters – some evil and depraved, others humane and understanding.

The book is a must read, as it brings this true story to life.  As we move farther and farther away from the terrible Holocaust years, it is our duty to remember those that heroically lived and did their utmost to bring humanity, dedication, love and devotion to the world, when all had gone mad.

One note of caution: there is one episode of an attempted violation of Gertruda, as was common during the chaos and depravity of the war.  This incident is on p.174 and half of page 175, and is not graphic.