Lalechka, by Amira Keidar, is another must-read.  This non-fiction book tells the story of one Jewish family – and their young daughter, Rachel – who were trapped in the town of Shedlitz, Poland, and later in the town’s ghetto, during the early years of the Holocaust, prior to the liquidation of the ghetto. 

The book also tells the story of two kind and compassionate Polish women (and their families) who did their utmost to protect young Rachel (nicknamed “Lalechka – Dolly”), who was born in the ghetto during the hellish war years. 

The pain of the Jews, their unspeakable and unfathomable suffering and physical and emotional torment; the bravery and fear of the righteous gentiles who put their own lives on the line to save one Jewish child; the confusion of the child as she is moved from house to house and place to place; the cruelty of the tormentors and terror of the tormented – are all poignantly, passionately, beautifully and movingly portrayed in this fine book.

This tragic story is not only the story of one Jewish family, but the heart-breaking, pain-filled story of millions. 

Written in an easy-to-read style, yet carrying an important message, this book – and the brave actions of those who wrote history – will not disappoint.