Lily’s Promise: How I Survived Auschwitz and Found the Strength to Live” by Lily Ebert and Dov Forman is the touching, riveting, tragic, and painful story of Lily’s idyllic childhood in Hungary, followed by the indescribable horrors of the Holocaust and Auschwitz, followed by her great determination to live and rebuild, and the new life she built along with her husband, followed by children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  Co-authored by her great-grandson, Dov Forman, the book is beautifully written, and easy to read. Lily’s Promise will move you to tears, astound you, and inspire you.  

In the book’s forward, written by HRH Prince Charles, he quotes the late Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks z’l, who taught, “History is his story – an event that happened sometime else to someone else.  Memory is my story – something that happened to me and is part of who I am.  History is information.  Memory, by contrast, is about identity… History is about the past as past.  Memory is about the past as present.”

This book is both history and memory.  Lily’s Promise is a must-read and a worthy and important addition to any library and home.