In this masterful biography, Menachem Begin: The Battle for Israel’s Soul, written by Daniel Gordis, we journey with Menachem Begin from his hometown and childhood in Brisk, to his life in the Holy Land, to his death and burial – at the age of 79 – on Har Ha’Zeitim (the Mt. of Olives).

Gordis ends the epilogue to his masterful, moving, inspiring, thoroughly-researched, easy to read, book with these powerful words: “There was one unwavering constant, a guiding principle that shaped everything.  Begin’s was a life of selfless devotion to his people, the Jewish people.  It was a life in which determination eradicated fear, hope overcame despondency, love overcame hate, and devotion to both Jews and human beings everywhere coexisted with ease and grace.  It was, more than anything, a life of great loyalty – to the people into which he was born… and to the state that he helped create.

“This is a legacy infinitely greater than most are able to bequeath…. The life and commitments of Menachem Begin urge us to look again at what he did and what he stood for, and to imagine – if we dare – the glory of a Jewish people recommitted to the principles that shaped his very being” (p.238).

This is a must read for anyone interested in learning more about the struggle to establish the Jewish State of Medinat Yisrael, and one proud, resilient, brave, and daring Jew who battled for its existence – from before it was established, to the day of his death. 

Begin has been described as the “most Jewish of Israel’s Prime Ministers.”  This book will take you on the journey of his – and your – life.