This masterful, in depth, riveting book, Rav Belsky, by R’ Shimon Finkelman (Artscroll), gives us but glimpse into an adam gadol, who was larger than life in all that he did.  While a life such as Rav Belsky’s cannot be contained within the pages of any book, this publication does a wonderful job of allowing us to read, learn about, and appreciate the life, times, personality and legacy of R’ Belsky zt’l, a modern day American gadol

Brilliant in Torah, R’ Belsky mastered, literally, all areas of knowledge – from science to astronomy, from medicine to biology.  R’ Belsky understood that every single thing in this world is based in Torah, and the more one knows, the more the world and its fullness can be appreciated and utilized, al pi Torah and al pi halacha.    

Not only was R’ Belsky a gaon olam in Torah mastery, but he was a gadol in middos tovos and interpersonal relationships as well.

This book is inspiring, compelling, fascinating, and moving. 

Zecher tzadik li’vracha, ti’hey zichro baruch.