Rebbe, by Joseph Telushkin, is the fascinating, detailed, inspiring, enlightening, larger-than-life story of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, R’ Menachem Mendel Schneerson zt’l and the Chabad movement he loved and led. 

Admittedly, I did not know very much about Chabad until I read this book, and I was truly sorry when I read the last page and the book was over.  With great warmth, erudition, Torah knowledge, compassion, empathy, passion for Yahadus and Jews the world over, as well as for all of mankind, the Rebbe strove to reach every person and bring the light of Torah and mitzvos to all.

This masterful, in depth book, will give you new appreciation for the Rebbe, for Chabad, and for what one man can accomplish in his quest to change the world.  Rebbe is a fascinating, must read.