This wonderful (English) sefer (book), Sparkling Speech (Israel Bookshop), authored by R’ Elysha Sandler of Far Rockaway, NY, is an important compilation of many clearly elucidated, profound, and impactful insights on the topic of sanctity and purity of speech. 

The sefer is easy to read on its most basic level.  However, for the more advanced reader who wants to see the original sources which are quoted in the sefer, every page includes these original sources in Hebrew, in footnotes on that very page.  No flipping back and forth between R’ Sandler’s words and a back index is necessary.  Hence, the sefer is easy to learn from for readers on all levels.

This important work reminds us that our mouths are holy vessels, to be used in the service of G-d – through tefillah (prayer) and Torah learning – as well as in the service of man, in our daily interactions with others.  And if our mouths our holy vessels, we should treat our mouths (and others!) with the respect that it (and they) deserve.

As the mouth is, perhaps, the most used organ in the human body, it behooves us to learn how and why we must use it properly.

This sefer will be an excellent addition to any home library.