In this new book, Terror and Emunah in Har Nof (Artscroll), Mrs. Risa Rotman bravely, beautifully and openly takes us with on her journey of the turbulent year of her husband’s coma post the Har Nof massacre (Cheshvan 5775/Nov.2014). 

Unlike the other five victims of the attack, who were immediately killed, R”L, R’ Chaim (Howie) Rotman was critically injured and lived for almost one year after the attack in a comatose state.

Zecher tzadikim l’vracha, HY”D

This memoir recounts his wife’s (and his family’s) poignant, painful, moving, heroic, uplifting, inspiring, courageous, and tragically sad experiences during that fateful year. 

In frank and open terms, Mrs. Rotman shares her struggles, fears, love, faith and growth, with us, her readers – as she strives to come to terms with her new reality, accepting ratzon Hashem (G-d’s will), with humility and love. 

בִּלַּע הַמָּוֶת לָנֶצַח, וּמָחָה ה’ דִּמְעָה מֵעַל כָּל-פָּנִים; וְחֶרְפַּת עַמּוֹ, יָסִיר מֵעַל כָּל-הָאָרֶץ – Hashem will swallow up death forever, and He will wipe away tears from upon every face, and the shame of His people He will remove from the earth (Yeshayahu 25:8).

May their memories be for a blessing, and may the families of those affected merit only nachas and always joy.