The Bielski Brothers, by Peter Duffy, is one of the most riveting, almost unbelievable, and simply incredible books, which documents what is, perhaps, a little-known story of heroism and defiance during the terrible Holocaust years.

Deep in the forests of Russia, three Bielski brothers, whose parents and a number of siblings were killed by the Nazis, band together to save as many Jews as they can.  Unlike other partisan groups, who allowed only young, strong men to join their ranks as fighters, the Bielski brothers accepted every Jew who came to them – from young children to the elderly.  Not one Jew was turned away from life in the Russian forests under the protection of the Bielski brothers. 

With survival tactics that will astonish you, heroism that will move you, and conflict and losses that will remind you of the cost of their survival, this book – and their story – is extraordinary.  If there is one book that should be at the top of your “Must Read” list, this is it.