This fascinating and masterful work, The Rabbi & The Nuns, by R’ Dr. Abraham J. Twerski, documents life lessons learned in the twenty years that R’ Dr. Twerski spent as the director of the psychiatric department at St. Francis General Hospital in Pittsburgh, runs by the sisters of St. Francis.

Through his treatment of, and interaction with, the many priests, nuns, and clergy who passed through the doors, hallways, and rooms of the St. Francis General Hospital, R’ Dr. Twerski gleaned gems of insights and life teachings that he powerfully shares in this book. 

Each chapter is only a few pages long, and each chapter is full of interesting, applicable, and impactful stories and lessons that we can all learn from. 

I enjoyed the book immensely, have already quoted from it in my teachings, and was sorry it was over.  This book is an enjoyable read, with much to learn; from a different perspective than what we are generally accustomed to.  It will serve as a great addition to any library.