The Sun Does Shine, by Anthony Ray Hinton with Lara Love Hardin, is the story of Anthony Ray Hinton, a poor black man living in racially-charged Alabama.  In 1985, Hinton was wrongly arrested, accused and convicted for a crime which he did not commit.  He was sentenced to death and spent almost thirty years on death row in Alabama, evading execution time and again.  He never gave up hope, faith in his god, belief in fellow man, and his prayer that the truth would one day be heard and that he would be set free.  This is his fascinating, painful, tragic, hopeful, inspirational and riveting true story. 

Having lost the best years of his life to prison and death row, Hinton learned how to make a life for himself against all odds.  He brought hope and light to death row and to the other inmates as well.

I realized that the State of Alabama could steal my future and my freedom, but they couldn’t steal my soul or my humanity.  And they most certainly couldn’t steal my sense of humor.  I missed my family… But sometimes you have to make family where you find family, or you die in isolation.  I wasn’t ready to die.  I wasn’t going to make it that easy on them.  I was going to find another way to do my time.  Whatever time I had left.  Everything, I realized, is a choice.  And spending your days waiting to die is not way to live” (The Sun Does Shine, p.118). 

His story is a must read.

Note: The book contains a minimal amount of curse words.  There are no inappropriate scenes.