Sacred Treasure – The Cairo Genizah, by R’ Mark Glickman is a compelling, fascinating, riveting, page-turning, must-read. 

The book takes us back in time, to the end of the 19th century, and the discovery of the Cairo Genizah.  With the discovery of the genizah, one thousand (plus) years of Jewish history came to light in our modern times.  Through hundreds of thousands of ancient documents, history was no longer the past, but alive in the present.   

The genizah revealed documents bearing witness to centuries of Jewish scholarship, music, legal codes, Torah works, and notes of social and legal interactions.  The book reads as a thriller – yet the subject matter and story are true as can be.  Among the discoveries in the genizah were documents penned by Maimonides himself. 

For anyone interested in Jewish history – and perhaps anyone who thinks they are not – this book is for you.