Link to Today’s Tishaa B’Av Shiur

For your information, the link to today’s Tishaa B’Av shiur, which I presented earlier this afternoon at the Young Israel of Woodmere, is:  

If I Forget Thee O Jerusalem: In Tears and Pain – Mourning the Churban”

The shiur is based on Tehillim Kapitel 137… “By the Rivers of Babylon we sat and wept.”

Feel free to please share this information with others.

In addition, I have a number of shiurim on that page related to 9 Av.

Tishaa B’Av: Repairing the Divide (presented this week at the Amen Group)

Eichah: A Cry, A Question, A Demand – Living with Meaning (presented last week in Chicago)

The Three Weeks; Tears, Prayers and Mourning with Meaning (presented on 17 Tammuz in Passaic)

Between the Straits: Each One is a World (Presented at the YIW as the monthly/Tammuz shiur)

Each shiur is different and all are relevant for our day of mourning.

Besuros tovos; may we merit the ultimate redemption immediately and in our days, amen.


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  • Teena
    Posted at 21:21h, 14 August

    Sorry I could not be there in person. Very moving and helped me thru the day
    I appreciated your concerns and agree that this is the time to mourn for klal yisrael for all the evil and bad and terror that had happened and happens
    We pray we can share in more bracha and simcha in the future. That Hashem will remove all of the Tsarot of our galut and rebuild bisimcha Yerushalayim hakidosha
    שימלא משאלות ליבנו לטובה
    Thank you again for putting it all in perspective.
    See you in a few weeks IH