Moist and Delicious Carrot Muffins

It’s been a while since I sent out a recipe.  Now that the Chagim are over (and as we can all use a distraction from today’s political goings-on, may Hashem help us), and as we move into winter, here is a great recipe that can be served as a side dish for Shabbos (or Yom Tov) meals… Or as an any-time-of-day snack 🙂

The muffin is very moist, very tasty, and on the healthier side (though they don’t taste lower-fat or healthy).  They are super easy to make (one bowl, no mixer) and the muffins freeze beautifully. 

If you want side dish muffins – fill the muffin cups only half-way.  If you want snack size muffins, fill the muffin cups almost all the way. 

Moist and Delicious Carrot Muffins

4 jars (16 oz. total) baby food – carrots; 3 eggs, lightly beaten; ½ c. unsweetened applesauce; ½ c. oil (canola or vegetable); 1 tsp. vanilla extract; 1 ¼ c. sugar; 2 c. white whole wheat flour; 1 tsp. baking soda; 2 tsp. baking powder; 1 ½ tsp. cinnamon; dash salt. 

Pre heat the oven to 350*.  Mix the first five (wet) ingredients together in a large bowl, using a spatula or wooden spoon.  Add the next six (dry) ingredients to the wet mixture, and stir just until the dry ingredients are incorporated into the batter.

Spoon the batter into foil (disposable) muffin tins.  The number of muffins you will get will depend on how full you make each muffin cup.  Bake for about 18-25 minutes (bake time will also depend on the size and depth of the muffins), until a cake tester inserted into the center of the muffins comes out dry.  Remove the pans from the oven and cool on wire racks. 

Note: *For a lower-fat muffin: you may use ¾ c. natural applesauce and ¼ c. oil.  The muffins will still be incredibly moist and flavorful.  This is how I make them, and they are great.  *It is easy and convenient to bake these in disposable (foil) muffin tins, as once the muffins cool, you can freeze the muffins right in the tins that are covered tightly with foil.

Yield: 18-30 muffins

בתאבון ובשורות טובות,


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