Parshas Noach

A dear friend taught me about the beauty of Parsha Cakes a few years ago – fun for the young, and those of us who are young at heart!

Especially as we begin our journey through the books of Bereishis and Shemos, it’s easy to be creative.

Hashem told Noach to build 3 floors on the ark (Bereishis 6:16), and Rashi explains (ibid) that the top was for people, the middle for the animals, and the bottom for refuse.  20141024_113814

We see from here that Hashem didn’t only save Noach and his family – he was concerned for their comfort and honor during the year they spent living on the ark.  Man’s existence should always be b’kavodik (honorable); and so, even a floor for refuse was included in the building plans!

We must be sure to always be concerned about the honor and dignity of our fellow man.  As the Sages teach – Who is honorable?  One who honors every person (Avos 4:1).

Wishing you a good Shabos!

  • Terry
    Posted at 13:48h, 24 October

    Very cute 🙂 I would love to do this with my grandchildren. Would we be able to get the ideas by Wed to give us time to copy.

    • Michal
      Posted at 14:45h, 24 October

      I’ll do my best to have it for you by Wednesday, Terry 🙂