Prepare for Pesach – Links to My Recent Pesach Shiurim on YUTorah

Shalom u’vracha to all,

As we prepare for Chag Ha’Matzos, here are links to some recent shiurim to help with your spiritual yomtov prep 🙂

Enjoy, feel free to share, and best wishes to all for a chag kasher v’samayach for our nation and our Land,



She is Miriam, She is Puah, She is Efras – A Journey Through Jewish Destiny: From the Banks of the Nile River to The Days of Moshiach & The Building of the BHM”K,-She-is-Puah,-She-is-EfrasA-Journey-Through-Jewish-Destiny:-From-the-Banks-of-the-Nile-River-to-The-Days-of-Moshiach-&-The-Building-of-the-BHM”K

Geulas Mitzrayim: The Mirror of Shabbos, the Mirrors of Mishkan & the Righteous Women Who Effected Redemption,-the-Mirrors-of-Mishkan-&-the-Righteous-Women-Who-Effected-Redemption

Geulat Mitzrayim & The Arbah Kosot of Leil Ha’Seder: The Heavenly Wheels of Redemption Are Always Turning’Seder:-The-Heavenly-Wheels-of-Redemption-Are-Always-Turning

Even If We Are All Wise, Discerning, Knowledgeable & Know the Torah: Hagaddah Insights For Leil Ha’Seder & for Life,-Discerning,-Knowledgeable-&-Know-the-Torah:-Hagaddah-Insights-For-Leil-Ha’Seder-&-for-Life

The Mitzvah of Sippur Yetziat Mitzrayim: Sofer, Sippur, Sefer – the Transmission of the Mesorah Through the Generations,-Sippur,-Seferthe-Transmission-of-the-Mesorah-Through-the-Generations

Nissan, Pesach & Leil Ha’Seder: Mysticism, Meaning & Majesty of the Number Four,-Pesach-&-Leil-Ha’Seder:-Mysticism,-Meaning-&-Majesty-of-the-Number-Four

The Seder in Bnei Brak: History, Memory, Chinuch & Our National Endurance Through the Ages,-Memory,-Chinuch-&-Our-National-Endurance-Through-the-Ages 

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