Israel, A Concise History of a Nation Reborn, by Daniel Gordis is an absolute must-read.  The story of a nation, and land, reborn, begins in Europe in the 1800’s, with the early Zionist movement founders and leaders.  Israel takes us from those early days to the present-day State of Israel.  While Israel is non-fiction, it is most difficult to put down, and will have you turning page after page in your quest to learn more and more!  From the 1800s Europe, to the present day State, Gordis takes us on the journey of the old-new Land, as we read of her struggles, wars, division, unity, population, defeats and triumphs.  This book will move and enlighten you, make you proud and hopeful, and give us all the more reason to say, od lo avdah tikva’teinu


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