Rosh Hashana (Apple-Pumpkin) Muffins and LINK to NEW R”H Shiur

These Pumpkin-Apple-Maple Muffins are healthy, moist and simply delicious! They are perfect for Rosh Hashana, as they incorporate two of the simanim: pumpkin (gourd) and apples (with maple syrup in lieu of honey).

I baked them fresh and served them at parsha class yesterday, and they were enjoyed by all!

Keep in mind that if you like, they can be made as smaller (mini) muffins and served as a side dish at your yomtov seuda.  Be sure to adjust baking time if you are making smaller muffins.  The recipe as-is is for standard size muffins.

And for your interest, here is the link link to my new pre-R”H shiur given yesterday at the Ohel Sara Amen Group:זכרון-תרועה-messages,-lessons-&-inspiration-from-the-kol-shofar/

Kol tuv and wishing you a k’siva v’chasima tova, a shana tova u’mituka,


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