Spinach Soufflé (aka Spinach Kugel)

I think that we could all always use a new, versatile, tasty and visually appealing side dish for our Shabos and Yom Tov meals.  I wanted a vegetable side dish that bakes like a kugel (or soufflé) but without all the additives that tend to make many kugels unhealthy. 

As with almost all of my recipes, this one is easy to put together, healthy for you, and delicious to eat.  Be forewarned: it tastes like what is inside.  There’s no “hiding the healthy” in this recipe.  If you enjoy healthy eating that tastes really good, this one’s for you 🙂

Spinach Soufflé

Coat the bottom of a large non-stick sauté pan with a thin layer of oil (note that this is the only oil in the recipe).  Heat the oil and add to the pan:

1 onion, diced and 1 red bell pepper, seeded and diced.  Sauté the onion and pepper for about 7 minutes, over a medium flame, till softened but not browned.  Add to the pan one can of mushrooms (13-14 oz. can) well-drained (Note: I generally do not use canned mushrooms, as I prefer fresh to canned.  But for this recipe, they are necessary, due to their lower water content). Add 1 cube of frozen garlic, 2 cubes of frozen parsley, black pepper to taste, and a light sprinkle of sea salt.  Add to the pan one bag (24 oz) of frozen, chopped spinach (there is no need to defrost the spinach before using).  Sauté all the ingredients together for about 15-20 minutes, over a medium flame, stirring occasionally. 

Remove the pan from the flame and transfer the vegetable mixture to a large bowl.  Allow the vegetable mixture to cool for a few minutes.  Then add to the bowl: 1 generous Tbsp. msg-free onion soup mix, 1/4 c. white whole wheat flour (you can use white, all-purpose flour if you prefer), and 2 beaten eggs.  Mix all together.

Pour the mixture into a prepared pan (I like to use an oven-safe dish lined with parchment paper) and flatten the top with a spatula.  Sprinkle 3 Tbsp. corn flake crumbs over the top of the kugel.  Spray the top of the kugel with a coating of Pam. 

Bake the kugel, uncovered, for about 50 minutes on 350*.  Serve warm or at room temperature.



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