Write a Short Letter on Behalf of Am Yisrael

Shalom u’vracha to all,

Dear friends,


Rabbi Shalom Axelrod and Rabbi Shay Schachter of the YI of Woodmere will be taking Jewish school children to hand deliver thank you letters to the White House Administration this week. They hope to collect at least ten-thousand letters.  They will be hand-delivering several boxes filled with the hard-copy letters directly to the Oval Office.

This is a vital and special opportunity to show our appreciation to the President and cabinet members for their unwavering support of Israel and her people. May Hashem ensure they remain at our side.

Please take a few minutes to show your appreciation by having each member of your family draft a personal thank you letter (letter-size, unfolded and without an envelope) by Monday evening (10/16). Please make sure to include your name and where you are from.

There are drop off boxes in the YI of Woodmere and YI of Lawrence-Cedarhurst lobbies.  Alternatively,  you can email your letters to: [email protected] and they will be printed out.

May we share besuros tovos and yeshuos immediately.



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