Pastrami Roast Clarification, Recommended Reading – Machzorim, Link to New Y”K Shiur

This post is in regard to a few different matters compiled into one thread 🙂

  1. Regarding the Pastrami Roast recipe I sent out last week: Thank you to those of you who have made the roast and have given me your wonderful feedback!  To clarify: the roast to use for this recipe is NOT the “navel pastrami” roast.  In Gourmet Glatt (our local grocery), the pastrami roast to use is labeled “Pastrami Deckle” or “Pastrami Top of the Rib”.  Either of those is fine.  If you find a different cut roast that has been prepared as a raw pastrami roast, that is fine too.  But do not use the navel pastrami cut – it is too fatty and not the right meat for this recipe.

Check out the recipe here:

And that picture was sent to me by a friend who made the roast on erev Shabbos!  What beautiful results 🙂

2.  Be sure to check out the Recommended Reading page – – and the newest entry, just in time for the Yomim Noraim!

3.  For your listening pleasure here is the link to a new shiur regarding Inyanei d’Yoma, which was given last night (Monday evening, Sept. 11), at the YI of Oceanside:

Enjoy and please feel free to share this post with others.

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