Crustless Spinach-Cheese Quiche

This is a delicious, filling, and healthy quiche, which pairs nicely with any dairy meal.  I served it with our break-fast meal after Shiva Asar b’Tamuz (may our days of mourning be immediately turned into days of rejoicing, halavay!) and it was enjoyed by all – adults and kids alike.  Round out your dairy meal (perfect for a Nine Days dinner) with this quiche, a nice side salad, and a piece of fish.  Or see my recipe suggestions below.

As with most of my recipes, this quiche is super easy and fast to throw together.  Thanks to my sister-in-law for the inspiration for this dish.

Crustless Spinach-Cheese Quiche

Pre heat the oven to 350*. 

In a large non stick skillet (or pot), heat some light (tasting) olive oil over medium heat.  To the heated oil, add 2 (medium size) white onions, peeled and chopped.  Sauté the onions over medium heat, stirring occasionally, for about 20 minutes, till they are beginning to brown.   

To the onions, add 2 bags chopped frozen spinach (24 oz. each bag/48 oz total chopped spinach).  There is no need to defrost the spinach first.

Add in 2 frozen parsley cubes and black pepper and garlic powder to taste.  Sauté for about 30-40 minutes over medium-low heat, stirring occasionally. 

Shut the flame and remove the pot from the heat.  To the onion-spinach mixture (which you can leave in the pot), add 1 tsp. sea salt, 1/2 c. white whole wheat flour, 8 oz low-fat small-curd cottage cheese, 1 c. shredded cheese (you can use shredded mozzarella, shredded pizza cheese, shredded mozzarella/cheddar mix, or muenster/mozzarella blend), and 1/2 c. low fat milk.

Mix all together, till all the ingredients are incorporated into the spinach mixture.

Finally, add in 2 beaten eggs

Divide the spinach-cheese mixture into 2 – 9” round foil pans.  Bake on 350* for 50 minutes.  Remove from oven and serve hot 🙂

Note: If you prefer your quiche very cheesy, up the shredded cheese to 1 1/2 c. cheese.  If you prefer you food saltier (this is a personal taste and preference), add 1 1/2 tsp. sea salt. 

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Happy cooking and b’tay’avon!


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